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I started gaming back in the 80’s thanks to the temptation from Games Workshop!

Since then I have dabbled with various scales and periods and have been running Angel Barracks since 2006.
It has changed and morphed from a 6mm site focusing on Napoleonic gaming, to generic sci-fi, then my own 6mm sci-fi range, then until recently I sold 15mm desert fantasy.
I still have a finger in the hobby pie as I run The Wargames Website which launched in 2014.

I am the registered carer and primary caregiver for our daughter who faces many challenges due to a number of medical conditions.
This means I am and have been unable to get a regular job as I need to be on call for her 24/7.

The Wargames Website is my only source of income, which is not very much.

Anyway, when time and energy levels permit, I try to paint/play/collect some 10mm models for my Warhammer Fantasy Battle games.
You can read about that
HERE and the WFB tab on the menu up there has some notes and I hope to expand that.

I also wrote some wargames/skirmish fantasy rules called
Burning Sands. You can check them out on the Burning Sands tab above.

That is enough waffle for now, thanks for popping by.